MacMedia means business

After all, who understands the needs of a small business better than another small business?

We know the challenges of meeting a payroll, paying our taxes and thriving in a competitive environment. We know what it takes to manage and grow a business. And we know how to do it all on a Mac.

We can also provide the highest quality professional installation, networking and maintenance services for your business. From initial consultation to final set-up, from hardware configuration to custom software solutions, Macmedia can help. We know that building a good business is about creating relationships. So when it is time for you to make your next technology decision, contact Macmedia and start a new relationship with someone you can trust.

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Hands-on expertise. Innovative solutions.

We offer a variety of services, delivering hands-on expertise for implementing leading-edge solutions for your Mac or mixed-platform environment.

New to Mac

  • Choose the right Mac for you
  • Set up and configure your network
  • Migrate data (email, contacts, pictures, documents)
  • Synchronize contacts, calendars, and email
  • Back up data
  • Learn more about your Mac


Run Your Business

  • File and print services
  • Productivity and workflow optimization
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Systems and data security
  • Remote management
  • Advanced training


Set Up a New Business

  • Business needs assessment
  • Software solutions (productivity, accounting, POS, CRM, custom)
  • Network setup
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Data and asset management
  • Server and database installation
  • Ongoing support

Grow Your Business

  • Integrate with corporate IT infrastructure (Directory Services)
  • Run Windows and UNIX applications on your Mac (Virtualization)
  • Create and deliver media
  • Learn IT and Pro applications
  • Implement enterprise mobility solutions
  • Deploy managed services


Try New Things

  • Use your iPhone or iPod to stay connected
  • Use podcasting to improve communications
  • Produce and share photos, music, and video
  • Redefine your entertainment with Apple TV

Why hire a consultant?

  • Get the most from your technology investments.
  • We offer remote or onsite assistance.
  • Gain professional advice about Apple and multi-platform solutions.
  • Choose from our services to best fit your requirements and budget.
  • Decide how much and what type of support you really need.

Return on Investment

Technology can save time and money, and even help you get ahead of the competition. MacMedia can put you on the fast track by recommending solutions, creating customized workflows, and providing ongoing training and support to help you meet your goals, cost-effectively.

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